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Kemal Yener is one of the secret heroes of Sakarya that we lost in a traffic accident during the month we passed. The first encounter with Kemal Yener was during the work of the Sakarya Machine Manufacturers' Association (SAMİB). Kemal Yener was the leader of a company that was the leader of the industry in Turkey like MKS with its unconventional leadership personality and achievements. I was one of the few people who could tell the right person in person's face without hesitation. I saw that I spoke with the same frequency in a short time with him. It was nice to share a lot of things. I recognize myself as one of the luckiest men in the world.


Kemal Bey was almost a doyen of the industry. Most people on their market knew and respected him. This Kemal Yener.Onun life started in 1956 in the town of Ayancik in Sinop. In 1968, the school ended in his hometown. In 1969 he went to Istanbul to study and study.


While working here, he continued to work at Maçka Evening Art School outside working hours. He studied technical drawing at the school. Afterwards he worked at a machining workshop in Demirkapı district and reached to the level of tombstone. In 1974 he worked as a foreman in a lathe section of a company in Bahçelievler district. He started his own business by establishing a lathe workshop in Bayrampasa district together with his brother in 1978.


In 1980, Kemal YENER started to manufacture marble cutting and wiping machines by repairing an italian marble wiping machine. It produced the first domestic marble cutting and wiping machines in Turkey. He became a partner in Köseoğlu Marble factory in Sakarya in 1988. On 10.01.1990 'MKS Marble Cutting and Wiping Machines Industry and Trade Limited Company was established. In the same year, he started to operate 'marble quarry' in Harmanköy district of Bilecik Province.


Moving MKS Ltd.Şti from Istanbul to Sakarya in 1992, Adliye Village established production facilities with a closed area of 5.000 m² on 21.385 m² land in Arifiye-SAKARYA district on Akçay Yolu. In 1993, the MKS company made its first export to Lebanon. In 2001, it represented our country as the only Turkish machinery manufacturer firm in Italy-Verona Marble Industry Fair.


In 2003, he continued to produce the 80 Laminated Crawler Machine. In 2004, he bought the 'Rainbow Marble Factory' in Sakarya and turned it into a new company called 'General Marble Inc.'. We also see Kemal YENER, who has made numerous successes in business life, contributed to various social responsibility projects in social and cultural field. Kemal YENER has contributed to many such projects until the first academic school that Sakarya Province built in Akçay district like university-industry collaboration projects.


In short, Kemal Yener, a true Sakarian who was born in Sakarya, acted as a mediator of Allah for the provision of close to 200 people except for his parents. Kemal Yener's sons Murat, Serdar and Sertaç, who were buried in Adapazarı after their testimony, We will always remember Kemal Yener Bey, who adds innumerable values to our country.


2019 İzfas Fair

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Family and Social Policy Ministry Plaque to MKS

Arifiye De Completed Arifiye Vocational High School was awarded a plaque by Ayşenur Islam for her contribution to our family and social policies. 2.12.2016   732